Why Treat Bad Breath?

When my first book, Beating Bad Breath, was written in 1995, I was invited to 12 major dental meetings, to discuss my findings and treatments - the Hinman Meeting, Chicago Midwinter, Liberty Dental Conference, Dallas Mid-Winter, and a host of others including two invitations to speak in England. During that time, I lectured to over 10,000 dentists, many of whom went on to take my private seminars to be able to treat new patients as well as their own.

When I moved to a new office in 2012, I decided to call a number of these dentists to see how their bad breath program was doing. What I found astonished me. Not one of the 37 dentists I reached revealed a person who was treating bad breath by removing the cause - the biofilm. Their “cure” had become a basket of products for sale.

Why the change from hands-on treatment to product sales? I learned that the primary motivation was their perceived lack of profit potential. I was told that the return on investment was too small when compared to crown and bridge. The truth is that I had solved that problem many years ago. By inventing new dental instruments that efficiently remove biofilm – the cause of halitosis - much more efficiently than what is commercially available, I have been able to delegate a large part of treatment to my hygienists. This allows the hygiene department to turn a much higher profit than by doing insurance prophys and cleanings. And too, these dentists missed the fact that every new halitosis patient was an opportunity to convert into a restorative patient. Faulty contacts between the teeth, periodontal treatment to eliminate bleeding, contours of teeth where food gets trapped, and overhanging crowns and fillings are all diagnosed at the initial visit and need to be properly restored. A new halitosis patient can spend thousands beyond their Breath Rejuvenation™ Total Cure!

And as far as the profit margin goes, halitosis treatment is not covered by insurance. Because of that it is like cosmetic dentistry - people with chronic bad breath will pay out of pocket for a cure. Gladly! The drive to eliminate bad breath for chronic sufferers is actually stronger than having a nice smile, and people will do almost anything to get rid of it. Coupled with the EXCLUSIVE instruments available only to dentists who Partner with the National Breath Center, you can offer something only a handful of dentists can. And these patients will also want to change dentists to the person who cured them when their own dentist could not.

Let me close by telling you the following. Numerous years ago, I inadvertently saved a marriage that was being torn apart by the wife’s bad breath. The husband had stopped being intimate and even approaching his wife. He never said anything about her breath and so she carried around a tremendous fear that he was having an affair; that he no longer loved her; and that she had done something so wrong that she no longer felt worthy of being married. They had wanted to start a family but that was over 2 years ago, and her husband would no longer talk about it. She was depressed and taking strong medication for that depression. She did not have the courage to separate so they lived in silence with a dark cloud hanging over them.

Because she had noticed people at work doing strange things – rubbing under their noses, turning away, and offering her gums and mints - when she found an article I had written she decided to take a chance and come in for an examination, if for no other reason to confirm the guilt that it was her fault that her marriage was on the rocks. When we found her problem she was ecstatic. She described that moment to me. “I felt a great weight had lifted. I felt hope for the first time in years” she said.

After a number of treatments she was cured. And about nine months later, their first child was born.

Sound corny? I thought so too until she took me aside at a maintenance visit and began to cry. She put her arms around me and hugged me with tears running down her face. What I had done had not only saved a marriage but in her mind, it had saved her life.

For dentists who do not treat chronic, severe bad breath it is hard to imagine the problems that this can cause. It is easy to give mouthwash, a tongue cleaner, and a pat on the back. No commitment, small profit. But there is also the opportunity to change lives. Just multiply the emotional satisfaction you get from a cosmetic makeover by 100 and you’ll have some idea of how much you can impact people suffering from bad breath.

This is the reason I am passionate about curing bad breath and why I limit my practice to the Total Cure for halitosis. My search for the techniques to save more people from the embarrassment of bad breath has led me to offer this opportunity to you. If you invest some time, a bit of money, and open your heart to caring about these people, the rewards you receive will be the greatest of your career.

So, if you are looking for another profit center, this certainly fits the bill ($300-500K annually). And, if you are looking for a way to make the most meaningful impact that can occur in dentistry, Breath Rejuvenation and the Total Cure may be for you.

One last thing. If you would rather do your dentistry and go home, please stop here. Curing people with bad breath entails a commitment that goes beyond doing a crown or any dental procedure that only takes a visit or two. It is a field that requires thinking on your feet, developing treatment plans that work, and treating people with care and dignity. If you can find the patients, cosmetic dentistry and other procedures are easier to do. But if you want to help people who really need your help with the opportunity to truly change lives, and make a substantial profit doing so, this may be the most exciting thing you will ever do in dentistry.

Richard A Miller DDS


Through its scientifically designed and experience-driven protocol - Breath Rejuvenation™ has cured thousands of people since 1993. This life-changing and unique service can be licensed as a National Breath Center Partner to attract new patients and offer a unique service to existing patients. And, it can have a huge impact on your bottom line.​