The Total Cure

What is It?

95 % Oral Causes of Bad Breath

Research has shown that 90-95% of halitosis comes directly from oral causes – with the remaining numbers due to medical or associated problems. In addition, the common myths that bad breath comes from the stomach, sinuses, or that better oral hygiene will solve a breath problem are just that – myths. While these can be a factor in the severity of bad breath, they are not the cause.

Research has proven that the cause of halitosis is the gram negative anaerobic bacteria that produce the noxious odors of bad breath. Sterer and Rosenberg, in their book Breath Odors, say that “malodour production within the oral cavity includes the posterior portion of tongue’s dorsum, subgingival areas (e.g., periodontal pockets and interdental spaces), faulty restorations (e.g., leaking crowns and bridges), dental implants, dentures, and abscesses.”

Furthermore, these bacteria live in a biofilm, short for biological film. By its very nature, a biofilm adheres to a soft tissue surface until it is removed by some type of mechanical means. Citing research in 1992 done by Yaegaki and Sanada, two of the pioneers in bad breath research, the authors state “mechanical removal of tongue coating results in a substantial decrease in oral malodor and its components.”

Simply put - Bad breath comes from anything in the mouth that harbors anaerobic bacteria, especially the tongue and the gums.

We know what it is. We know where it is. We know what it does. So why don’t we simply remove it?

The Tongue Rejuvenation technique I have been using for over 24 years does just that; and in case after case, these techniques have eliminated bad breath for good. Here's the simple truth:


I’ll bet that you haven’t seen much research on bad breath or any mention of a cure. In fact, here is the American Dental Association’s position on bad breath called Targeting Bad Breath. In searching the British Dental Association’s website and the website of the Canadian Dental Association bad breath also seems to be an afterthought. Here’s the BOTTOM LINE:

No professional organization recognizes any treatment or cure for chronic bad breath. 

Current Treatments Don't Work

ALL current halitosis treatment is based on the following: 

cleaning tools

Dental Cleanings


Periodontal Disease


Stomach Problems


Sinus Problems

Has any of this eliminated bad breath? Not at all. In fact, you may have referred a bad breath patient to a periodontist, internist, or ENT.

If it did, why would people pay thousands of dollars to travel to the National Breath Center to eliminate it and over $10 Billion (US) overall to cover it up? The fact is that I have seen thousands of people from 27 countries because the need for the Total Cure is so great. Being a Partner with the National Breath Center puts you at the forefront of breath treatment and cure.

The Total Cure Procedure

The Total Cure process starts with Tongue Rejuvenation™, a painless and proprietary process that eliminates tongue biofilm down to the base of the tongue. Over a series of sessions, Tongue Rejuvenation eliminates the source of the odors over the entire dorsal surface of the tongue. See the results of Tongue Rejuvenation

In addition, the Total Cure includes any periodontal care needed to eliminate inflammation as noted above. Then there is the restorative phase which corrects open and improperly contoured contacts, remakes overhangs and faulty bridges, replaces removable prostheses as needed, and any restorative issue that traps food or contributes to inflammation. All of this is the Total Cure.

Trish's Story

This patient has given me permission to tell her story in the hope that other dentists will take up the call. Her name has been changed.  In 2012, Trish came to the National Breath Center afraid that life was passing her by. She was successful in her career but was still unhappy. As she told me on her first visit,

I thought by now I would have been married and have a family. But I have suffered with bad breath for so long that it no longer seems possible. I am sure my breath is keeping me from having a serious relationship.

Within a month of her initial visit to the National Breath Center Trish was cured of her bad breath problem. When she returned in 2016, she told us how the Total Cure had changed her life. How did we achieve that? Tongue Rejuvenation™ treatment.

Note the photos of Trish’s tongue. The photo on the LEFT side was taken the day she came to the office for diagnosis. The one on the right side was taken the day treatment was completed.

trish tongue before

Trish's tongue (before treatment)


Trish's tongue (after treatment)

How Effective is Tongue Rejuvenation?​

Here are three photos of the man we treated from Australia in May, 2017. Notice in the first photo how severe his biofilm is.

Tongue Before

Before Treatment

During Treatment

After 30 Minutes of Tongue Rejuvenation on one side only, to demonstrate the effectiveness, here is what he looked like. Note the difference in the sides - the left side healthy and the right side full of biofilm.

After treatment

At the end of treatment, this was his final result. As you can see, Tongue Rejuvenation eliminates ALL the biofilm on the dorsal surface of the tongue.


This is just one example of the thousands of the thousands of people successfully cured at the National Breath Center since 1993.

If you are ready to make a difference in people’s lives while making a substantial profit, the Total Cure may be for you.


Through its scientifically designed and experience-driven protocol - Breath Rejuvenation™ has cured thousands of people since 1993. This life-changing and unique service can be licensed as a National Breath Center Partner to attract new patients and offer a unique service to existing patients. And, it can have a huge impact on your bottom line.​