Partnership Program

National Breath Center™ Partner Program Details

As a Partner with the National Breath Center™ you become part of an exclusive network of dentists who can cure bad breath. The number of dentists in any country is purposely limited so that ALL the benefits accrue to one or two people.

Our goal is to ensure your success. To do that we help you become a near- expert before you begin to see patients. The process has been structured on that premise so there will be no situation you will encounter where you will not know the answer. But no matter the situation, telephone support will be available for difficult problems or patients.

Here are some of the items included in the License/Franchise:

Exclusivity - Limited # of Licenses (Protected Territories Per Country)

What sets us apart from other facilities that may offer some version of breath treatment is that the Total Cure actually cures bad breath. Using proprietary and patent pending instrumentation you will be able to eliminate bad breath down to the source thus curing people of their problem.

As a partner with the National Breath Center you are guaranteed an exclusive region so that your profitability is maximized and so that you have the maximum ability to attract new patients for your service. By limiting the number of dentists within a country or regions, you will be sure to be one of only two dentists to offer this unique service.

Money-Back Guarantee

One of the cornerstones of the Total Cure at the National Breath Center is our Money-Back Guarantee. No other facility or treatment office offers this. Our techniques are SO EFFECTIVE that you can be sure you are curing bad breath, not just treating it.

Use of IP Trademarks: National Breath Center™; Breath Rejuvenation™; Tongue Rejuvenation™

Use of these trademarks sets you apart in the minds of the people searching for breath treatment. They have been used at the National Breath Center for years and are included in any advertising or marketing. A major effort has been made to protect the intellectual property of the trademarked names and the instrumentation. The instruments for Tongue Rejuvenation and the Total Cure have never been produced by anyone and will ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO A PARTNER of the National Breath Center.

Patented Instrumentation & Technique for Tongue Rejuvenation™

Tongue Rejuvenation is the cornerstone of successful halitosis elimination. It is what drives the Total Cure technique and sets the National Breath Center apart so that we can offer a money-back guarantee knowing that treatment never fails to cure bad breath. The instruments you will receive as a Licensee will allow you to eliminate the tongue biofilm efficiently and in the fewest number of visits, putting the cost of treatment in reach of almost everyone. These instruments are patent-pending and not available to anyone who is not an NBC Partner.

These instruments are vital to the technique and exclusivity of Tongue Rejuvenation. If you do become a Licensee, you will need to sign a document protecting that exclusivity.


Halitosis Operating Manual

It is a reference manual for facts and techniques; it is a teaching manual to learn what to do when; it is a problem-solving manual for anything that arises; it is a case presentation vehicle to familiarize yourself with numerous cases successfully completed; and, it is a marketing manual to ensure your success. Here are SOME of what is included in the Halitosis Manual:

  • Step By Step Approach to Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Practice Management
  • Marketing
  • Protocols for ALL procedures
  • Actual Cases
  • All Treatment Forms
  • Scripts for Treatment Presentation
  • Telephone Protocols
  • and much more!
halitosis manual

For a a more in-depth look at the Halitosis Operating Manual, you can view the Table of Contents

You can read one of the actual case reports contained in the Halitosis Manual. Please note the emphasis on the presentation of information. By having multiple case reports available – all the way from diagnosis to case presentation to fee determination, you should be able to find any situations that you will encounter and know how to resolve them.

Training: In-Office (3 Days), On-Site (3 Days)

Before you can see patients you must have a working knowledge of diagnosis, treatment planning, and enough information so that you can address any questions that arise before, during, and after treatment.

Training begins at the National Breath Center’s office in Falls Church, VA. It include staff members, both administrative and care providers. During those 3 days, we will review all you need to know to be able to diagnose, treatment plan, and treat a halitosis patient. Your staff will be trained by the staff of the NBC in telephone techniques, marketing, and patient care. Everything from tracking patients to sending out marketing emails, letters, and other information is included.

In addition, your providers and yourself will be able to practice on live patients to insure that your technique is correct, emphasizing what instruments to use where and when and how to deliver treatment in an efficient manner. In addition, all questions will be answered during your time there. We will have use of a conference room with projection capabilities to go over individual cases as you sit and watch treatment planning and presentation on actual patients.

Once you have begun your Total Cure program, I and some of my staff will visit your office over 3 days to help with all aspects of care. You are welcome to save any difficult cases for those days. And, if you choose, I will be happy to diagnose and close any cases you like to immediately help increase your bottom line.

Breath Rejuvenation™ (Total Cure Protocol)

The Total Cure protocol is what sets you apart from any other facility that offers treatment for bad breath. It is a hands-on technique that removes all biofilm from the dorsal surface of the tongue and under the gingiva. It is documented in the Halitosis Operating Manual and emphasized during training. The Protocol as it is covered in the Manual and in Training, includes all these below plus much more.

  • Procedures
  • Training
  • Instrumentation
  • Treatment Planning
  • Treatment Presentation
  • All Forms/Handouts/Materials

Forever Fresh™ Protocol for Existing Patients

The Forever Fresh™ protocol is a unique way to involve your current patients in your breath program. You will find very few people who do not want Fresh Breath and most of those are willing to pay for it if presented properly. By following the protocols set out in the Halitosis Manual and during training, you will be able to ensure that your patients will never have a problem with bad breath. And those people will gladly pay you to keep their breath fresh.


Once you are accepted as a National Breath Center Partner, you must be prepared to get the word out to prospective patients. That is where marketing, both internal and external come in. From setting up a computer program to send automatic emails to sending individual letters from your office, we are committed to helping you succeed. Here are some of what is included. For more information, see the Marketing section. 

Internal Marketing

  • Telephone Protocol
  • Marketing Materials – brochures, handouts
  • Letters to Practice
  • Personal Letters
  • Tracking
  • Follow-Up Materials

External Marketing

  • Google Ad Words
  • Blog Posts
  • Website
  • Books
  • Email Auto Responder

Reserved Domain Name

As a licensee, you will have the use of a reserved domain to serve as your website for the Total Cure part of your practice. The advantage of this is that people searching for anything bad breath will see you high up in the organic search for bad breath keywords in your country.

Continuing Support & Consultation

It is inevitable that once you start seeing patients, that you will have questions and may run into issues with individual patients. That is why, as part of the License agreement, you will have access to telephone support during most business hours. Secondly, for broader matters, you will be able to schedule an appointment to discuss other matters.

The National Breath Center offers the most in-depth experience available for any technique or procedure in dentistry today, To help you become successful, profitable, and emotionally satisfied - from the Halitosis Operating Manual to the hands-on training to the Telephone Support - you will be able to cure people of chronic bad breath while making a fantastic profit.


Through its scientifically designed and experience-driven protocol - Breath Rejuvenation™ has cured thousands of people since 1993. This life-changing and unique service can be licensed as a National Breath Center Partner to attract new patients and offer a unique service to existing patients. And, it can have a huge impact on your bottom line.​