The Most Rewarding &
Exclusive Opportunity in Dentistry

In today’s world, to survive and thrive, you need a presence on the web and on social media. Even more importantly, you need a program that keeps your name and services in front of any person interested in what you have to offer.

Marketing is defined as doing what is needed to get people in your door and keep them when they get there. To do that you need an effective way to keep yourself and your office in front of consumers. Using a combination of email, personal letters, and tested marketing materials included with the National Breath Center Partnership, you will be viewed as the Go-To person for bad breath.

As a Partner with the National Breath Center, you will have the benefit of 24 years of marketing experience. With a background in direct mail marketing in the 1980’s, I was able to move into the world of internet advertising and simplify and perfect email marketing for the National Breath Center. Simply put – I KNOW WHAT WORKS!

 National Breath Center Partner Marketing Tools

Here is a SAMPLE of what is included in the marketing part of the License:

  • Reserved Internet Domain
  • 200 Books (Beating Bad Breath – the Cure) with you as “co-author”
  • Marketing Manual
  • Automated Emails and Letters According to Marketing Flow Chart
  • Diagnostic Visit Marketing Materials
  • Handouts
  • Blog Articles
  • Brochures
  • Letters to Physicians
  • Letters to Dentists
  • Letter Inserts
  • Google Ads/ Facebook Ads
co-authored book

Email Marketing Made Easy

Each National Breath Center Partner will receive an email template for every potential marketing situation. With the minimum of time and effort, every patient will receive an email tailored to their situation, or a personal letter of your choice. You do not need to use them all but they are available if you like.

In all, if you are accepted as a National Breath Center Partner, you will receive 24 years’ worth of marketing experience to make the most of your opportunities with patients. I guarantee that it is the most thorough marketing package available.


Through its scientifically designed and experience-driven protocol - Breath Rejuvenation™ has cured thousands of people since 1993. This life-changing and unique service can be licensed as a National Breath Center Partner to attract new patients and offer a unique service to existing patients. And, it can have a huge impact on your bottom line.​