Income Potential

The Most Rewarding &
Exclusive Opportunity in Dentistry

Only Two Dentists Per Country​

What is the value of 24 years of research, experimentation, experience, and success?

Of course, becoming a partner with the National Breath Center does place a value on that. If you are still interested after I describe the Profit Potential, I will be happy to tell you.

It stands to reason that when a new treatment comes along, there are those who pioneer its inception and those that keep doing things the old way.

You’ve already seen the views of the ADA, BDA, and CDA. Note that there is no mention of biofilm, bacteria, or anything remotely alluding to a cause or a cure. Nothing new there. To them, as well as most of our profession, there is no treatment for chronic bad breath other than teeth cleanings and mouthwash. As I have shown, if that worked, I’d be out of a job instead of having people come from around the world to be cured.

Are you innovative or are you more comfortable in the middle of the pack? If the latter, you can just keep referring bad breath complaints to a periodontist and create a lot of unhappy people. (I know because I see them) But if you are someone who is not afraid of being innovative, consider offering a service with a huge market and huge profit potential; but don’t wait too long because, aside from 2 dentists in your country, I intend to keep this a secret for a long time.

The truth is that I do not know how successful you will be; I don’t know how good you are at presenting treatment plans; I don’t know how effective a communicator you are; I don’t know how good your office staff is; I don’t know whether you are actually ready to make a commitment to something that takes more effort than 1-2 appointments. Only you do. So in that vein, because I do know how good I am, what follows is what I charge for different procedures. As for your personal profit potential, it should be easy to see how this alone can add hundreds of thousands to your bottom line; that is, if you are any good at the former.

How will this improve your bottom line? As a partner with the National Breath Center, a Breath Rejuvenation case will bill in the thousands, the “average” case being anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000, with the worst cases commanding a level of $17K or more. And that doesn’t take into account the resulting restorative dentistry or maintenance. In May, 2017, I treated a husband and wife together from Australia who paid a total of $27,500. Gladly. And that included no restorative work.

What follows are the profit points and the current income I generate from curing halitosis. If you decide that this is for you I will share the actual numbers with you at a later date.


Forever Fresh™ Program (Hygiene)

  • Initial Therapy - $150 / $300 / $500
  • @ Hygiene Visit After - $25 - $75 Ongoing

Consider this. If you could add an existing service to your hygiene department that would bring in a few hundred dollars extra each day in hygiene, would you be interested? And that revenue can exceed $75 for only 10-15 minutes. Does your hygienist bill $300 per hour? With the Forever Fresh™ program they can.

The Forever Fresh™ Program creates a system in your office that guarantees fresh breath over the course of a person’s association with your office (aside from food-born odors). It works just like the complete Total Cure but without detailed diagnostic techniques and diagnostic time, without presenting a treatment plan, and with people who already trust you and your hygienist. It is done at the same time as the patient’s regular hygiene appointment and can usually be done in 10-15 minutes.

Who wants fresh breath? EVERYONE! That is why the Forever Fresh™ Program works. What’s more, YOU WILL BE THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THIS PROGRAM AND WHO CAN GUARANTEE FRESH BREATH. In terms of marketing your practice alone, that makes it invaluable. And, in terms of revenue, it can be as profit generating as any non-surgical periodontal therapy you do.


Through its scientifically designed and experience-driven protocol - Breath Rejuvenation™ has cured thousands of people since 1993. This life-changing and unique service can be licensed as a National Breath Center Partner to attract new patients and offer a unique service to existing patients. And, it can have a huge impact on your bottom line.​