Forever Fresh™

Protocol for Preventing Bad Breath Forever

In treating people with severe, chronic bad breath there is a highly defined end point to be accomplished. No matter the original testing, elimination of the biofilm will create success. The Halimeter will read below 140, the Oral Chroma will be below threshold limits, the organoleptic test will be negative, the gauze tests will show no color or odor, and photographs will clearly show each individual taste bud. But what is the end goal for those who do not have a measureable problem but are motivated to participate in a program that keeps them from ever having that problem? (In fact, this type of preventive treatment has the potential to become an even larger part of your halitosis practice than the actual treatment part.)

To start, you must create a goal, an endpoint that can be seen, measured, or proven. You must get the patient’s consent that that is the goal and show examples of what it will look like when complete. The easiest parameter is that of biofilm. We know that biofilm forms on the tongue and under the gingiva. Even if people do not have a breath problem, most of them will have biofilm. It stands to reason that the elimination of biofilm will prevent bad breath from occurring.

Starting with visible biofilm, come up with a course of treatment for its elimination. Those people with no detectable mouth odor but having visible biofilm, combining subgingival scaling (light), gingival irrigation, and Tongue Rejuvenation™ will create an effective treatment plan. This entire treatment plan, the Forever Fresh™ program, can be done by the hygiene team and may consist of 2-3 double sessions of tongue Rejuvenation, 1-2 sessions of subgingival scaling, and gingival irrigation each visit. In addition, teaching each person how to irrigate with an antibacterial solution like Supreme Breath™ or the “home brew” solution (only kills bacteria, not odor) is imperative.

Forever Fresh

I recently saw a patient who was under the care of a periodontist. While her pockets were all within normal limits, she had multiple bleeding sites. Since bleeding denotes inflammation and inflammation is caused by bacterial waste products, I diagnosed 2 fine scale appointment with irrigation. When this is complete, and she is taught how to irrigate subgingivally, the bleeding will subside and the contribution to her breath problem from gingival biofilm will be eliminated.

Become familiar with the Forever Fresh Parameters document as this is the one to use for this program. It defines the end point so that the patient can see and compare the before and after.


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